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December 20, 2012


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Mettilda Jacob

I think, the divorce, the medicines taken by Adam, the don't care attitudes of the society, remarriage of his father, Nancy’s strict nature, Nancy hiding the problems rather than solving it, Nancy not allowing him to join the army, Nancy's intentions to send him for mental treatment and her short vacations leaving him alone in the house, all these together might have led to such a crisis.
It is high time to think about how the family bondage can be made stronger. The parents should be mentally healthy enough to look after the children rather than giving medicines to mentally affected children because of separation of parents.
Please think why so much of children who are affected by Asperger's are there in the society.
Rather than blaming Adam Lanza for doing this, this incident should be an eye opener to think of what is wrong with the present society and how it can be corrected. He was a victim of the society's drawbacks.

Let this incident be a stepping stone for a renovation.
Apply the "Glasnost" (openness) and "Perestroika" (restructuring) applied by Mikhail Gorbachev in Russia when Russia underwent an economic crisis.
Nothing happens without the knowledge of GOD. GOD allowed this to happen for the good of the future generations.
I do not want to blame anybody, but pray that a conscious move to eradicate such incidents in future may be taken by all people around the world including myself.
This can be achieved only by loving each other. Let it start from home, the spouse, the children, the parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and the society. Nothing is impossible for man, if he wants, with the grace of GOD. Let it be revolution, a revolution of love. I have started the revolution. Join me.

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